I recently got back into tabletop gaming after a 25 year break and am once again hooked! I played 40k Rogue Trader, Space Hulk, Heroquest, Space Marine and Gothic in my teens, fast forward to now and I just don’t know how I managed to remember all the rules! I’m slowly getting there but always in and out of the codex with my Battlescribe notes at hand, doing battle with my Deathwatch army against my friends Deathguard filth (disgustingly resilient should be banned!!).

As a freelance 3d artist with over 14 years professional experience creating content for a wide range of applications, I started to investigate creating my own terrain for our battlegrounds. It was also around this time I wanted to extend my skillset because as a freelancer you are at the mercy of the work offered to you, and how irregular that can be. As a school run Dad this seemed to fit into my life nicely, so I started doing various tutorials and found a cool little place called Fablab. At the Fablab they offer support for business in a variety of areas in their maker space, for me it was Cura, Ultimaker 3d printers and laser cutters.

It took me a while to find my feet and along the way I have had a lot of failures as I learned my way through production, but always pushed forward with the goal that I could craft something that becomes part of other players adventures.

I started small and went on to produce moulds for each of the pieces, working through issues with mixing times, temperatures etc but 6 months groundwork and I am now up and running!

It’s a small studio but capable of a lot of output, as I grow the product ranges initially for 40k and now also including Warhammer Fantasy, Gaslands, and D and D.

If you would like to get in touch with me about the work I do, please use the links below.

I would love to hear how our products help shape and feature in your tabletop adventures,