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Mountain Troll: 3D Printed Resin Tabletop Model

Mountain Troll: 3D Printed Resin Tabletop Model

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I am a UK seller and Licensed Merchant Printer for Print My Minis -

Introduce terror to your tabletop with our Huge Mountain Troll Miniature, a towering behemoth ready to crush all who oppose it. Sculpted with imposing detail and printed to perfection, this formidable figure brings fearsome power to your gaming table. Command respect and dominate the battlefield with the Huge Mountain Troll by your side.

This is the huge Mountain Troll:

An epic mountain troll miniature throwing a large rock.

4 Pieces

Approx: 105MM Height to Eyes

All print on demand orders are produced upon purchase, and they are shipped free using Royal Mail First Class Shipping – with the option to pay an extra £1 for Royal Mail Tracking if you would like to use that service.

All print on demand items have a turnaround time of 3-5 days, however once you make an order I can send over updates and progress along with a more exact timeframe within the given times above.

If this is for a gift and you would like it for a certain date, please contact me ahead of the purchase so I can let you know the earliest point I can ship the item to you.

Models will be supplied unpainted.

The Model comes with parts unassembled; you may need to use either Green Stuff or Milliput to fill any gaps.

Please use my affiliate link for any modelling supplies and tools as well as paints, using the link costs you the customer nothing but it gives me a little kickback to help to keep growing the business, thank you:

I use Elegoo Resin Printers to produce very high quality models, however even with resin technology there may be some small visual imperfections or layer lines on the model. Models can be filed and sanded where required, please use goggles and appropriate face masks to keep safe.

Resin models may be produced hollow to save on resin and keep costs down, there may be holes on the model which can easily be filled using Milliput or Green Stuff.

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